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We can design and install your Lake Source Water System
Where Quality Sets Us Apart

Lake Water Systems

Is your lake home on the level with the lake, or with only a slight rise? Or is your home well above the lake?

Do you need average or high pressure?

Do you live on the lake year round or are you only in the area for the summer months?

All of these questions impact on the type of pumping system you need.


If you are on a fairly level area a Jet Pump could be the best answer; someone whose home is a longer distance and/or well above lake level may find a Submersible pump system works best for their needs.

Hubbard Heating and Plumbing, Inc can design and install a lake source water system that fits your needs. There is no “one-size-fits-all” installation.

Hubbard Heating and Plumbing, Inc has designed many systems taking into account all the factors related to the individual system, and we can do the same for you. Contact us for your personally designed lake water system.

The trench work for a jet pump system. The trench houses the galvanized suction line from the intake located in the lake. Our normal installation includes a Primar Filtration double Zebra Mussel filter to protect your system.  

As each section of pipe is attached it is fed into the lake, guided by a team in the boat.

Once the piping is secure in the lake, and connected to your home's system, the trench is filled in. Work is normally done in the winter to place the water lines well under the frost lines, not on or above ground where it can freeze.

Is your house separated from the lake by a roadway? Trenches on either side of the road are connected by sleeved piping which is pushed under the road.
Here two sleeves were used, one for the water system, the other to install an electrical system to the dock area.

 Call 607-532-4739 or email for details on how we can help you.


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